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Book Review: Balance Is Bullsh*t by Phyllis Williams-Strawder

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

The beauty of this book is you are constantly given the freedom to take ownership of your messy beautiful life.


In Balance Is Bullsh*t - A Solopreneurs Guide To Making F*cking Decisions That Matter, author Phyllis Williams-Strawder dismantles the unrealistic, often damaging ideal that is “work-life balance.” With transparency and humor, she guides readers through her journey of entrepreneurship and unpacks the philosophy that helped her create a life and business on her terms.

Williams-Strawder urges readers to embrace the uncomfortable and accept the truth: life is not a balancing act, but rather the art of juggling - and sometimes we have to drop a few balls to keep the ones that matter afloat.


The book is divided into three sections. First, Williams-Strawder asks readers to look inward and consider whether they're satisfied with their current situation. Next, she guides them through a process of understanding why striving for balance is actually holding them back, and finally offers actionable steps for making decisions that will lead to a more fulfilling life in each of the seven key areas of focus.

Throughout the book, readers will find themselves challenged, inspired, and equipped with the reality check they need to finally make the tough choices they put off till later. The author does not leave readers alone to face their flawed selves, though. Instead, she permits the readers to walk away from anything that is not serving them. What's ultimately important is cultivating a life that works for you- not what society, or even your family and friends, expect of you.

In the chapter, Struggle Juggle, Williams-Strawder writes, "The choices you make are intentional even if the outcome is not. If they are not intentional that means your life has no rhyme or reason. You’re choosing to take chances without considering the risk."

This powerful statement is a reminder that we are all in control of our lives. It also reinforces an oft-overlooked principle: while we can choose our actions (or inaction), we cannot choose the consequences. Moreover, we cannot get back the lost (or wasted) time.

Another chapter, Facing Flaws, echoed a thought from The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson, which is that fixating on a constant desire for self-improvement is not only unattainable but tends to leave you in an unending state of failure and not-enoughness. Balance Is Bullsh*t asks readers to wrestle with the truths they are willing to face. Better still, it frees readers to own their choices, good or bad.


While some self-help books can feel overwhelming, Balance Is Bullsh*t is refreshingly relatable and actionable. Williams-Strawder's vulnerable storytelling and laugh-out-loud sense of humor combined with her straight-talking advice make for an enjoyable and eye-opening read.

This book is perfect for freelancers or solopreneurs feeling overwhelmed by the rat race or anyone ready to take charge of their life and create a more fulfilling existence.

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