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How a Whiteboard and a Marker Helps Me as an SEO Content Writer

When Richard Bezuidenhout approached me for help with his website copy, he had hit a roadblock. He grappled with finding the optimal approach to showcase the information on his landing page. His goal was to captivate potential customers and communicate the undeniable value of his then new email-opt-in resource in a clear-cut manner. 

Bolstered by his enthusiasm, I took the challenge head-on. After a discussion, we identified the key pain points of his target audience, his vision for the landing page copy, and the unique selling proposition of his business. I also went through his existing copy, the workbook he was offering and some of the articles and videos on his site. This helped me capture the essence of his brand and message. 

Since the offer was under his personal brand, I felt it important to capture the down-to-earth, sincere essence of his writing. His brand is unmistakable to those who have watched his videos or read his LinkedIn captions. They would immediately notice the dissonance between his style and any verbose, needlessly intricate copy.

Armed with this information and super skills as an seo content writer, I got to work on tweaking the website copy.

Unleashing the Power of Simplicity

One of the main challenges Richard faced was how to make his website copy engaging without overwhelming potential customers with too much information. To tackle this, I focused on ways to keep the copy concise and easy to read while still conveying his brand message as authentically as possible. 



...I got stuck. (Yikes!)

Like, really stuck.

I was overthinking everything. Not because the project was difficult. It just happens, ask any seo content writer. Sometimes, we overthink things and end up in a creative rut. Ask anyone it happens. 

Thinking On Paper as an SEO Content Writer

I stared at the screen for hours, trying to come up with a perfect solution, words, or phrases that would encapsulate the essence of Richard's business and make visitors want to learn more about the free resource he was offering and opt-in.

Frustrated, I turned to my imagination board and walked myself through my Get Unstuck process.

With a blue whiteboard marker in hand, I made sections on one third of the whiteboard:

  • What's the goal?

  • What do I have/know?

  • What's the first step?

A white board with a collage of doodles representing ideas.

The second question is where the magic happens. How? Well, I knew it was website copy for a landing page offering a very specific resource. I had an existing layout for said website, so I sketched a really rough layout of the sight on my Imagination board. It was nothing fancy, simply rectangles, squares, and scribbles where words were meant to go. But it got my creative juices flowing and helped me visualize the end goal.

The layout helped me visualize how each section would flow into the next.

I also had a formula for what each section should include, based on the client's vision, the target audience pain points, and knowledge of the psychology behind effective copywriting for a landing page.

Landing pages, much like sales calls and ads, follow a certain logic that presents the offer, highlights benefits and features, and then addresses objections, and settles any doubts someone might have before making a purchase decision. So, with that in mind, I labeled the different sections of my sketch with a different marker.

By breaking down each section of the landing page into smaller parts and labeling them by function, I was able to focus on one element at a time and build a cohesive story that would engage visitors and drive them towards the ultimate goal - opting-in for Richard's free resource.

What Richard Had to Say

In a recent call, Richard mentioned why he approached me about the project.

"I saw your content on LinkedIn and you made things sound easy." He went on to say that the final landing page copy lived up to that expectation. He went on to say, "Your real value is in making complex things simple."

And that's precisely what I want to do for you, as your seo content writer. Making complicated overwhelming tasks simpler and manageble.

How can I help you move from confusion to clarity, consistency, and confindence?

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