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Supercharge Your LinkedIn Content Creation with a Strategy Roadmap

Mind if I tell you about my 1-on-1 Signature Content Strategy Intensive?

It’s been a minute since I shared exactly what I do during one of these Strategy sessions, so here it is.

Who Can Benefit from the Strategy Roadmap?

I designed the 1-on-1 Signature Content Strategy Intensive specifically for freelancers, solopreneurs, and small business owners who are struggling to carve out a distinct brand voice or are struggling to connect with customers.

What to Expect During Your Strategy Session

During the session, I work with my clients to develop an actionable business plan or content strategy depending on their individual needs.

This includes,

  • Defining their ideal customer avatar.

  • Helping them figure out how to package and price their services,

  • Coming up with content ideas that will attract their target audience,

  • Developing a content creation schedule, and for the first time

  • Four accountability sessions to support their LinkedIn content creation journey.

The goal is to help my clients get unstuck. The answers you seek are already inside you — as your Content Strategy Coach, my job is to help bring out the ideas and strategies that will move you forward.

Your Personalized Path to Business Clarity and LinkedIn Content Creation

You’ll walk away from our session(s) with

  • Clarity about your business direction,

  • A plan of action to get there, and

  • Yours truly cheering you along.

It's all about you, and that's why I'm doing something I've never done since I first created the 2 hour 1-on-1 Signature Content Strategy Workshop back in 2020.

(Spoiler alert, it used to be a 4-hour session).

Redifine Your LinkedIn Content Creation Strategy

I'm offering a free 30-minute Sneak Peek for anyone who's curious about what's involved in a 1-on-1 Content Strategy Intensive with me. This is your opportunity to get a taste for how I work and see if we're the right fit before you commit to signing up for my services.

So, why wait?

Book your FREE Sneak Peek today and let's find out together how I can help you move from stuck to success!

Have any questions? My virtual door is always open.

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